Here's what you get with your SocialPage.me account:

A branded, automatically updated website
Your site content and design will be automatically created and updated as you post new content to Instagram. Simply keep using the Instagram app you already know and love, and we take care of the rest.
5 email addresses
Easily set up a you@yourbusiness.com email address. Each subscription comes with 5 free email addresses. Emails sent to your branded addresses will be forwarded to your primary account email address.
Multi-page site using #hashtags
Creating a multi-page site couldn't get any easier. Just tell us which #hashtags you want on each of your pages. Then as you create new posts on Instagram using those #hashtags, your posts are automatically sorted and placed on the correct page. Create 3 or more of these pages and watch your home page instantly transform. It's like magic!
Instant contact form
Your customers can easily contact you via an automatically created, beautifully looking contact form. If you add your public contact number to your site, customers who visit from a mobile device can even call you directly with a single click.
Social Media
Simply copy and paste links to your social media pages and the appropriate icons are automatically placed on your site. Or connect your FollowUs.com account and watch the magic happen.
Google Analytics
Track your customers' behavior and demographic data by simply adding your Google Analytics tracking ID to your SocialPage.me site.
FREE domain for 1st year
All yearly subscriptions receive a free .com, .net or .org domain for the first year. After the first year, domain renewal will cost $12 USD per year (or you can choose not to renew, it's up to you).
Unlimited hosting, bandwidth and pages
Your hosting costs will never increase, no matter how popular your site becomes. We utilize technology from industry leaders AWS and Google Cloud, so your site will also scale and perform flawlessly, whether you have one or one million visitors.
Limited time offer
For a limited time, a SocialPage.me subscription is only $50 USD per year (regular pricing $200 per year). Your special pricing is locked in as long as you maintain an active subscription.

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